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Welcome back to the Haze blog and Happy Chinese New Year! it’s been a while but we have a lot to talk to you guys about in this issue and a very special announcement at the end.


So what has happened in the world of Haze since we left off? Well our biggest news since we left off is that we have recently been PETA approved! Yes finally PETA recognises our efforts in cruelty-free, animal friendly products as we only source and use the highest quality vegan materials to create our stunning bags. So be sure to look out for the PETA approved logo in our images now, this is so important to us and we are honoured to join the PETA family and join their philosophy that fashion can still be stylish and fashionable without having to harm animals, look out for further information on ours and PETA’s collaboration


Next obviously as you can tell we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! This is always a fun time for us in the year, last year we were super busy with special promotions and posts but this year we thought to do something a bit different in a special Chinese New Year giveaway (along with a discount code of course). All you had to do was follow us and tag 2 friends who you think would love Haze this giveaway ran throughout the entire week of Chinese New Year and the feedback was amazing and Thank You to every single one of you who entered the giveaway and shared us with your followers! Our winner was announced the following Monday and will have their bag very soon but again thank you to everyone who entered if we could we would give a bag to every one of you but in the meantime make sure to look out for more giveaways we have some stuff planned especially in the summer…


Two new photoshoots have also been shot for Haze promoting our Winter collection and this was so fun to shoot. We decided to use the Manchester town of Altrincham as the back-drop for both however we had to different stylistic visions for each shoot. One was a model-focused shoot highlighting our model out and about in the town amongst the hustle and bustle of city life and we portrayed this well with our model being in places like Common Ground next to the markets (a lovely little coffee shop so be sure to check them out) One of our favourite shots being our model in the middle of a crowd of people crossing the road, that shot was super hard to get and nearly ended up in our team getting hit by multiple busses so there was differently a risk/reward factor for that shoot!


Our latest shoot happened these past few weeks and focused on completely on the bags themselves and compared to the busy street life of the first shoot we went into the back alleys and the back drops, the lesser known knooks and crannies of Altrincham and this was thanks to some of our team who live in and grew up in Altrincham so we were able to find all the places where they used to go as kids, definitely not causing trouble there and take some lovely shots. Our favourite shot which you will see on our social channels this week is a shot on a spiral staircase with all our bags and with help from our editing guru’s we were able to make the picture completely grey or ‘greyscale’ the image and from there add the colour back into our bags making them pop out so much so be sure to look for that snap.


So what are our next steps this year? Well we have some very exciting news to share. We will be selling our products in person! Yes Haze is coming to a market stall near you. We cannot reveal too much information yet but just know Haze will be sold at an event in Manchester this Summer so expect updates on that and we can’t wait to see you all there but make sure you’re quick because once they’re gone they’re gone.


This is it from us here at Haze but make sure to keep it locked here as we have another blog up this weekend on fashion tips for the Winter / Spring season so make sure to look out for that.

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