Our First Haze Blog

Posted by Adam Edwards on

Hello, we would like to welcome you to the first edition of our Haze blog!

The aim of this blog will be to give you all an insight into the world of Haze, get to know the team and experience the ever-growing streetwear scene through our eyes. We aim to make every month in order to grow and keep you all posted on the latest goings-on and news at Haze so stay around and see what’s happened over this past month.


 So, what has happened in these past few months? Well, I’m sure as you all know we have released our Spring collection mid-way through February. Our first ever globally released drop which we are all so excited for(and is still available by the way x). The feedback has been overwhelming as stocks are flying off the shelves, we can barely keep us and we are so glad you love it as much as we do. The collection will only be available for another few months before we start to prepare for our summer release, so act quick because when they’re gone there’s no restocks.


 In addition to our Spring collection we decided to go on location for our Haze photoshoot. The shoot happened in Manchester where we brought along two teen models in order to help show off our lovely items. We went to many locations around Manchester but decided that our main shoot location should be held at a skate park in Timperley; accompanied by our haze bags, accessories and the urban vibe that the park brought along, we began to set out to work. The February day was bitterly cold on the whole team as our poor models nearly froze as they showed off our streetwear-style T-shirts but they persisted on and were fantastic despite the lack of sun and winter winds. Our personal favourite pictures which I’m sure you’ve seen are the images with the graffiti background, a spot found by one of our team members which we thought fitted perfectly with the brands identity and image.  We decided on the skate park as the main location out of many other areas around Manchester, some in which we will be re-visiting for our summer lookbook. However we used a secondary location at an old abandoned industrial plant for a few quick pictures before we had to leave. This location was perfect for Haze and provided some amazing derelict back drops for the shoot.


 The start of the year has already been our busiest season yet. So, what’s next for Haze? Well this upcoming year for us will undoubtedly be our biggest year and we have many more big things in store for the months ahead as our summer and winter collection featuring all new and exciting pieces for us to showcase to you, events and giveaways for you all so stay tuned for the next edition of the Haze Blog.