Haze Hits Manchester Fashion Week

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Haze Blog for March. We have some very exciting news to share along with other things that have happened this month with Haze and the streetwear scene so let’s get right into it with our big announcement.

Haze is going to Manchester Fashion Week! Yes we will be taking over our city fashion week and kicking things off by opening the show on the 21st of May at 6:30pm and we cannot wait to show off our amazing products to the rest of the fashion world and amaze everyone with what we have to offer. The models will be styled by members from the Haze team to show off our full range of products from the wildly successful spring season. so expect posts, promotions and more announcements as the event date gets closer and don’t forget to tune in for all the new updates regarding this exciting week for Haze.

(Picture: Amanda Moss, Manchester Fashion Week show director & One of our favourite shots from our Spring season shoot)

In other news, our Spring season is coming to an end very soon which means some of our more exclusive bags and accessories will no longer be available to purchase. But on a happier note this means our all new Summer collection is in the works and will be coming soon to get you prepared for the fun, festival season. We can’t reveal too much at this point in time but we thought we’d reveal just a little bit to get you all excited.

So what has happened in the streetwear scene this month? Well easily the biggest news to come out of the scene is the appointment of the OFF-WHITE  Director Virgil Abloh as the new head of menswear at Italian fashion house Luis Vuitton. This is a huge wave in the streetwear community, showing to the rest of the fashion world that streetwear is serious and we’re here to stay as one of the most prominent figures in streetwear ever has made the leap from simplistic streetwear to managing one of the power houses of fashion and merging the two together. It will be interesting to see what happens to Luis Vuitton and the fashion scene as a whole as all eyes are on Virgil to see where he steers the brand and we at Haze are excited to see the new trends and be at the forefront of this new age of fashion.

(Picture: Nike, Virgil Abloh in Nike x Off-white tee & some of our favourite pieces from our Spring season)

 This Spring season has been hugely successful and we couldn’t have done it without you all so from the whole team at Haze we’d like to shout out everyone who’s supported us and who will continue support us this year and in the future. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Haze Blog and follow us on Instagram (link on our website) for all new updates and announcements Haze related.