TOV: The Best Places To Look For Fashion Steals

Posted by Adam Edwards on

Fashion steals are all around you, if you know where to look that is. Today we will be discussing the 3 best places to look for vegan friendly, cruelty free fashion steals both online and offline. Everyone looks a good hidden gem find and not only is it good for your bank account but it is also great for the environment which we will discuss in our first destination for ethical fashion steals.


Vintage shops, these independent business' are the perfect oasis for finding that hidden gem to complete your new season wardrobes look (and just because it says vintage doesn't mean they are decades old, most pieces are just a few years old!). They are wildly cheaper than the high street, just the other week I brought a vintage jumper for £16 and the modern day price of that same jumper is over £70! Not only saving you money but saving the planet, this will be spoken about in a different blog but the basics of second hand clothing saving the environment is that by buying from these shops it is one less item that will be thrown into a landfill are disposed of in another way that will harm the environment plus not buying from the high street. The fashion industry contribute to so much environmental pollution and by supporting small independent business' not only are you contributing to your local area but you are contributing to the environment on a wider scale.


COW Vintage Shop, Manchester

 (Pictured, COW Vintage Shop, Manchester)

 The second and lesser known places to look for fashion steals are charity shops, yes that's right charity shops. Whilst the Red Cross and the British Heart Foundation may not exactly look like the next Zara or PLT, charity shops actually hold some hidden gems and provide some great wardrobe fillers and a little bit of DIY on some of the clothes can go a long way and prove a lot cheaper than buying from mainstream high street fashion outlets. So just take a second thought when you're not passing by that charity shop because not only will it help you but it goes towards a great cause!


Lastly we have the online real of fashion steals and pick-ups. Places like Depop and 21 Buttons boast a seemingly endless array of sellers and items so the possibilities are close to endless. Plus most of these items will be second hand so that's a big tick when it comes to the environment and due to the product being second hand the seller will more often or not sell it for less and you can test out your haggling skills to try and knock off a few more pounds if you're polite! Watch out for scammers on sites like these they will try and sell items that aren't authentic for the full price- always follow the apps purchasing guidelines- always buy within the app and never make a purchase unless you are 100% sure you can trust the seller.


These have been the best places to cop some fashion steals for your wardrobe, look out for our new blog which will be coming out next week but for now don't forget to follow our social channels and look out for our 'Original Vegan' and more Haze blogs!