The Haze Double Dragon Bag

Posted by Adam Edwards on

The Haze Double Dragon bag is one of our first vegan friendly, cruelty free bags we ever released. It has become our best seller and a team favourite here at Haze so here's everything you need to know about the signature 'Double Dragon' bag.

The bag itself like all of our bags are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free as our core value at Haze is that fashion shouldn't have to come at the expense of the environment and living beings. Our bags are made from a premium neoprene that is long lasting, promoting high quality and life-long fashion instead of temporary, one time use fashion. eco-friendly fashion is a pillar of belief for our brand and we spread that message as much as possible in this community!


As you can tell from our whole range, our bags take inspiration from Asian mythology and ideologies across the Eastern hemisphere. We chose dragons in this design as dragons are prominent figures in Asian history, religion and mythology. Dragons are said to be powerful creatures, a symbol of strength that can control the elements and grant good luck to people who are worthy of such blessings.

The dragons themselves have been embroidered onto the bag just like all of our designs we use the highest quality of embroidering to make sure the designs look bright and vibrant and will not lose their quality over time. The design team used the colour blue in the design of the dragons as the colour blue has significant meaning in Asian culture, representing immortality (life-long fashion remember!) and advancement (eco-friendly, cruelty free fashion, see quite clever! ) Blue is also the colour of spring so what better time to check out and grab the bag now whilst you still can.


Check out the bag here:


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