The Haze Manchester Spring Shoot

Posted by Adam Edwards on

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Haze blog.


We at Haze have had one of our busiest ever months and we can’t wait to get right in and run through what’s been happening with the team.


Well to start things off we decided to release our Spring 2018 photoshoot. The shoot location was decided to be shot in Manchester as this is our hometown and we felt that there were multiple areas of the city that encapsulated Haze best. For example, China town emphasised the brands eastern inspiration whilst places like Stevenson road and the alley ways all over the city gave us the perfect backdrop for our street shoot.


The Haze team met up at midday at China town and began shooting with some familiar faces, the models from our winter shoot teamed up with us again and were fantastic in showcasing the amazing items we have on offer. So looking like pack mules we carried the stock around the city and began searching china town for locations. Adam found an alley way with graffiti that referenced a song by The Clash called The Guns of Brixton: “When they kick at your front door how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun…”  This location set us up to release our most popular picture on all our social channels of Adam in front of that quote. After a few more shots in that alley our photographer insisted that we had to get a shot of the two models with the Pagoda arches in China town. These shots were perfect for us and those pictures were amongst the first pictures we released from our spring shoot.


With China town fully photographed it was time to move location. We hauled the bags across Manchester back to one of our team members cars and got even more new stock out to shoot with. The Northern Quarter and Stevenson Street were our best locations as the whole place was covered in Manchester related graffiti (our pictures with the Manchester bee’s) and other street graffiti. Our photographer had a field day as she ran around the whole of the Northern Quarter snapping pictures of all the different styles of art and commanded the models to stand in exactly the type of way she needed to get that perfect lighting and perfect shot. The models did get a few weird looks however when Adam clambered on top of a service box on the busy main road to sit on top of it and got our photographer to take a picture of him, very smooth Adam! You can see these pictures now on our Instagram (@thehazeshop) with Artwork by John Doe with a piece that references Banksy: “sorry, removed for profit Sincura group.”  


After hours of backpacking, posing and picture taking we finally decided to call it a day, with a load of amazing pictures and a few funny behind the scenes shots and bloopers Haze had completed their second professional photo shoot and a successful one at that. A very busy day but nothing in comparison to an event later on in the month…. Manchester Fashion Week. See our next blog to read about how that went on!



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