The Haze Spring Collection Blog

The Haze Spring Collection is here!

The new season has just dropped and we are so excited to share it with you all. We have all worked so hard on this drop and it is our most ambitious season ever. This is our fastest selling season yet and we thank you all for the support but remember, when it’s gone it’s gone. We will not be restocking many products. This season will run until roughly September/later this year. As usual all our bags are 100% vegan friendly, made from a premium neoprene in all our designs, we pride ourselves in our cruelty-free products ideology.

We have brand new items and we have some recurring themed bags from previous seasons. One of our favourite bags from this season has to be the ‘White Drip Bag’. This bag is our first ever white bag and is priced at just £54.99, with multiple pockets and compartments to keep yourself organised throughout the day. We have used an all new dye to help us achieve this pearly white colour on our bags, see below and take a look at this brand new bag.



White Drip Bag:

We also have an all new bag design. We would like to introduce our range of shoulder bags. The ‘Golden Wave Shoulder Bag’ has taken our signature ‘golden wave’ design and designed it on one of our shoulder bags, these bags are priced at £24.99 and the best part? Along with our bags these shoulder bags are also vegan friendly thanks to our neoprene material. These are fabulous for Summer especially with the warm weather, a more lightweight bag could be just perfect for you.


Golden Wave Shoulder Bag:


So how can you wear Haze this Summer?

With the hot weather incoming our smaller shoulder and clutch bags are perfect for this Summer. Style a clutch or shoulder bag with a simple white tee. The clutch or shoulder bag will be the statement piece of the outfit whilst the plain tee will be in the background and will provide a contrast to the bag perfectly.

If you are looking for a more heavyweight outfit, our Spring/Summer all-over print duffle bags provide that perfect gym or travel look from just £54.99. Our duffle’s come in a range of designs: all over prints are in black and red and we have the golden wave design on our duffle’s. These duffle’s completely sold out in our previous season so watch out for these ones because they will not be restocking for a while!


That’s all for this blog but watch out for next time because we are ramping up the blog posts these next few months with more announcements, competitions and giveaways so stay tuned for our next blog out soon!


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