The Haze Summer Season

Posted by Adam Edwards on

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Haze blog for September. It's been a while we know and there's a lot to talk about but lets get straight back into it and cover what's been going on in the world of fashion and the world of Haze.

So what has been happening for us? Well as I'm sure you all know our new Summer season dropped and we are glad you all loved it as much as we did. We brought out all new looks, all new bags and all new items. Our newest collection allowed us to really experiment more as we brought out hoodies for the first time ever along with new t-shirt colour ways and designs. The Water Lilly bag is definitely our favourite bag as we took our strong embroidery that features in all our bags and combined it with a well thought out design taking insperation from Asian wildlife like the naturally colourful Koi carp and added an explosion of colour to create one of our most extravegant designs. Our Summer season will only be available for a few more weeks so make sure to grab your gear because when they're gone they won't be restocked!

(The Haze Water Lilly Bag:


We also went on another shoot to cover our new collection. Our shoot location was an old abandoned rail road near our office that our model used to visit with his friends when he was younger and found completely by accident. The railroad provided the perfect scenery and backdrop to be able to do our shoot. The green shrubbery and the long unkept leaves and branches provided an 'overgrown' vibe and really complimented the old rustic look of the railway. Our team had to carry all our stock back and forth along the railway fighting off thorn bushes and horse flies which felt more like an episode of Bear Grylles than a photoshoot. After what felt like miles of walking we stumbled across a battered old bridge. This bridge was the second part of our shoot as you can see our model sat on top of the bridge doing his model-related duties but what you guys cant see is the 20 foot plunge into the canal below, no pressure there! The bridge was like something off an adventure film, creaking and groaning with every step we put on it so we only allowed the model and photographer onto the bridge at any one time. We wanted to shoot in the middle of the bridge but after our model took a step and a floor plank fell just in front of him into the water below so we thought best not to go any further... Overall the shoot was a blast and the location will definitely be visited again in the future so stay tuned.


(The Haze Railroad shoot)


Now here's a quick rundown on what happened in the world of fashion this month. To kick things off and probably the most important, the Nike and Colin Kaepernick campaign. This controversial campaign stirred up a lot of emotions as Kaepernick an NFL player who is famously known for taking a knee in protest of police brutality when the national anthem plays at the start of football games has become the face of a new just do it campaign. Right wingers in the USA have tried to boycott the brand but to no success as the companies online sales grew by 31%, ouch. Next, Burberry has said it will stop destroying its old stock (they did it to keep the brand image and exclusivity alive) and they will also stop using real fur, a huge win in the fight against the fur trade in fashion. Ricardo Tisci is set to release his first collection for Burberry, the Italian designer joined the English fashion house recently following successful spells at Italian giants Versace and the French brand Givenchy.


(Nike's Colin Kaepernick 'Just do it' ad)


So that's all for now folks, Haze has had a busy summer and we will be writing blogs monthly or bi-monthly depending on our schedule and how many coffee's I have in the morning! Stay tuned as our new Autumn/Winter collection is in the works and we cannot wait to share with you but more about that at another time.