Top 3 Cruelty-Free Brands To Look Out For This Year

Posted by Lara Besbrode on

Summer season is upon us and with that a few thing, better weather, festival season and of course, a wardrobe change. This blog is going to highlight some of the cruelty-free, vegan friendly brands that will you should keep on your radar this season.


Story mfg. 

Story mfg are the perfect example of cruelty-free fashion. Their organic clothes are all made 100% organically from fibres with all their dyes coming from leaves, barks, roots and fruits. If Mother Nature was a brand then it would be Story mfg, a fantastic London brand with a great message. Previously featured on fashion youtube show PAQ styling Amine then brand use colourful designs to bring some fun and vibrancy to your wardrobe this season.

(Pictured: Story mfg home page)



A veteran in the streetwear scene, NOAH have collaborated with a number of big brands such as Vans and Dover Street Market to name just a few on their impressive list. Noah are always completely transparent and open about their messages and ethics and are strongly voiced advocates of climate change, brand ethics and capitalism. The brand even have a video breaking down their labour cost and how much it costs them to make pieces and why they have priced their products the way they have. A fantastic brand with fantastic Morals, not just a corporation but a family.

(Pictured: NOAH NYC, cookbook Fall/Winter 2018)



And last but not least of course we had to make it onto our own list, Haze's fundamental values are that no-one should come to harm for fashion, fashion is for everyone. All our products are 100% Vegan friendly and are cruelty-free. Our new season includes a wide range of bags, tees, hats and more accessories that are perfect for this Summer season so check out our new range because once they're gone they're gone!

Haze shop Manchester shoot 2018 

(Pictured: Haze Manchester shoot)