Winter / Spring Haze Trends

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Lots of brands are taking a more fun approach to styling this season with brands like Raf Simons collaborating with the looney tunes to feature wile .E. Coyote on their sweatshirts retailing at $2,500. Luckily Haze is one step ahead with our Shaolin monkey rucksack retailing at just £54.99.



With the Winter season fast approaching that means it is cold, wet and windy and what better way  to protect your hair from the environment than with a cap. These can add another layer of colour to your outfit and can really be the final piece of the puzzle to your outfit and will of course keep the sun out of your eyes as the sun finally begins to return to us!

 (Featured:Haze black& White Dad Hats)




Speaking of layering, this is all the range this season with Balenciaga and Vetements leading the scene with multiple layers on their runway shows. Haze tees and hoodies can add to these layers, a simple tee with a Haze hoodie and a coat will sure to keep you cozy through the Winter season.



Embroidery will always be In fashion, a mark of quality goods allowing the designer to incorporate their designs directly into the very material of the product allows for an even more personal connection between designer and product. All our Haze designs have been embroidered onto our products. No screen printing out here!




Leather and leather substitutes are a staple of the Winter / Spring season with Tom Ford running the leather and Harrington jacket market. Bags however are where Haze specialise in as all our bags are made from the leather substitute neoprene, a 100% vegan friendly material that gives leather a run for its money quality-wise.

 (Featured:Haze Shaolin Monkey Backpack)



Self-explanatory but out are lightweight shoulder bags from the Summer season and in are more heavy weight bags for this Winter / Spring season and Haze have a wide range of bags to fit every style. ‘I’ve got too many bags’- said no one ever.

(Featured:Haze Sports Bag & Black Lion Backpack)



Whether it’s bags, hats, wallets, purses or clutch bags Haze has them all and accessories are the glue that holds an outfit together and are arguably as important as the clothes themselves in making that perfect outfit. Check out our mid-season sale now and use Code PIG10 at checkout for 10% off!


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